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Step 2: Consultation

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Step 3: Review

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Medically Prescribed Peptide and Hormone Replacement Supplementation for Men & Women

Anti-Ageing, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Injury Recovery, Cognitive Enhancement, Sexual Health

At our clinic we provide an individualised approach to improving your overall health and wellbeing. Among other things, we focus on addressing any issues you may have with previous, current or ongoing injuries, injury prevention and recovery, muscle recovery, decreased libido, mood concerns, weight management, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


Peptide supplementation is fast becoming Australia’s solution to a variety of health, fitness, and age-related concerns.  The simple science of amino acids linked together, via peptide bonds, brings to life this now common word—peptides.


Stay on top of your game in and outside the boardroom with our cognitive vitality program for men and women.


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a form of hormone therapy used to treat symptoms associated with female menopause and male andropause.


Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is a method of  stabilising and restoring a user’s hormones back to normal once a suppressive anabolic androgenic steroid cycle has been ceased.

Tailored Treatments Based on scientific evidence

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve – muscle gain, weight loss, improved recovery it all comes down to the same principle.
Identify the deficiency (what’s lacking and causing the problem)
Provide the solution ( once you know what needs to be replaced, replace it and the right dose and in the right protocol)
Check deficiency is resolved (retest the original problem is solved)
Review on a regular basis and maintain the compliance of treatment
Each person is an individual so a “One size fits all- off the shelf process” is far from optimal
We tailor the process to the individual based on current day best science